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AMAL RAFIE is a Bahraini jewelry designer and metalsmith. She completed a degree in Fashion Design at the Royal University for Women in Bahrain, and followed that with a course in Art Direction for Fashion at Central Saint Martins, London.

Fascinated by the forgotten heritage of craftsmanship, Amal Rafie explored her creative path by pursuing jewelry making during her travels and learning different silversmith techniques from professional jewelers. Through her work she strives to channel the spirit of the ancient by preserving the traditional crafts and knowledge of our ancestors. Her inspiration comes from visiting the myths, poems, legends, and cultural art that surround her.  


Amal Rafie established her own line in 2020; where she designs and creates every piece by hand in her home studio, using sterling silver and a mix of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Amal adds intricate details to make sure each jewelry piece is only one of its kind, reflecting her commitment to individuality. 


For inquiries and collaborations:



Cluster Contemporary Jewellery Fair, London, UK


The Innov-Art Show pop-up, London, UK


Depart Micro Department store, Bahrain

The Innov-Art Show pop-up, London, UK

East Market Milano, Italy

Al Frieh Art Gallery, Bahrain


Expo 2020 Dubai, Bahrain's pavilion: Dilmun Cabinet of Curiosities, UAE


Food is Culture 6, Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, Bahrain


 Safer Spaces Virtual Art Exhibition, The Art Space, Bahrain


 Moda Mist Fashion Show, Royal University for Women, Bahrain


Bahrain Design Week Fashion Show, Bahrain

"I’ve always had a deep fascination to the ancient. Even before I understood the equation of why they are so powerful, there was a magnetic pull that drew me to past history and civilizations. The energy stored in them, the symbolism and sacredness behind every creation of that time is a reflection of everything they have been through and witnessed that has infused them with a wealth of life.

With the rapidly quickening fast pace of this day and age, it seems that there is barely enough time for the basics of living, let alone the more hidden aspects that make life truly vibrant. Self exploration & the honouring of history and Nature. Cultivating a connection to all conciousness and realizing our true paths and purpose. Each of us is a unique and powerful creature, with our own complex root system, history, mythology & dreams. Society today seems designed to ignore this. We are trained from an early age to purchase our lifestyles and to shape our reality from the media. To seek acceptance by others, & to identify ourselves by what we consume mindlessly rather than of what we create.
This is incredibly disempowering and pretty much destroys all the natural magic each of us is born with. The environment that surrounds us is like a mirror of our inner workings - for better or for worse. It’s a powerful first step to start investing conscious energy into our external worlds. To make our daily spaces, adornments and tools beautiful and intentional.

My creations are probably the most intimate external representation of the inner self. It helps us to bring forth, or even realize sleeping aspects of our soul.
I’m working at actualizing the inner spirit, in a tangible form, that we can embody and experience in our physical and everyday lives.
clothes, jewelry and art to guide, adorn, protect & illuminate.

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