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Vision Quest

Vision Quest


Handcrafted 925 silver pendant with gold plated sterling silver connectors and freshwater pearls.

Carved by hand in wax and cast in silver.


Myths, legends, and folktales often highlight the close links between people and animals. West Africans and Native Americans, for example, believe that each person has a magical or spiritual connection to a particular animal that can act as a guardian, a source of wisdom, or an inspiration. Among the Plains Indians of North America, individuals had to discover their spirit animal through a mystical experience called a vision quest.

Snakes are said to have evolved on the earth since the primordial beginning of time. Snakes are one of those few spirit animals whose mention can be found in almost all major ancient religious texts.

The snake represents the primal source of life energy. Snakes shed their old skin adapting to the new layer of skin that grows underneath the old one. Which symbolizes evolution, renewal, and rebirth.

Leopards have held the court with kings and queens in myth, legend, art and literature from ancient times to this day. As a symbol, the Leopard also represents the inner self that is free from fear. Leopards are solitary creatures that roam about in the darkness with only their senses to guide them. They are the perfect mark of freedom and a curious mind.



  • This necklace was created and finished by hand entirely, and only one of its kind. 
  • Please treat your handmade jewelry with gentle care to ensure it lasts a lifetime.
  • Avoid salt water, chlorinated water and chemicals/perfumes to keep your silver in it’s true sparkle.
  • Silver jewellery pieces are easy to clean and get back to their original state if signs of wear do occur.
  • Please ensure your jewellery is stored in the box and pouch it came in when not in use.


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