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Arabian Leopard

Arabian Leopard


Handmade gold plated sterling silver pendant featuring natural lapis lazuli. 


This piece was inspired by the critically endangered Arabian leopard that once commonly roamed around in the Arabian Peninsula.

‘The Arabian leopard arrived in Arabia almost 500,000 years ago when it emerged out of Africa, journeying through to reach the mountains of northern Arabia where it made the land its home. Initially, it was a mountain animal but as desertification spread over a period of centuries, it became the only true desert leopard.


One of the earliest depictions of the leopard (500 BCE), is from the ancient Sabaean Kingdom. It showed a leopard jumping down from rocks on to the back of an ibex.

Leopards from northern Arabia, caught the Romans’ attention and were among the first exotic animals brought to Ancient Rome to fight the bestiarii — gladiators trained in fighting wild beasts.’

Today, it is estimated that less than 200 Arabian Leopards are left in the wild.


“Look closely at nature. Every species is a masterpiece, exquisitely adapted to the particular environment in which it has survived. Who are we to destroy or even diminish biodiversity?” – Edward O. Wilson


  • This necklace was created and finished by hand entirely, and only one of its kind. 
  • Please treat your handmade jewelry with gentle care to ensure it lasts a lifetime.
  • Avoid salt water, chlorinated water and chemicals/perfumes.
  • Silver jewellery pieces are easy to clean and get back to their original state if signs of wear do occur.
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