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Handcrafted sterling silver pendant set with natural amethyst on a 925 sterling silver chain necklace.

This necklace features intricate details and showcases the beauty of imperfections, which are intentionally embraced as an integral part of the process. These nuances not only add character but also highlight the authenticity of the craftmanship process.


The butterfly is a marvellous demonstration of the power of vulnerability and in the miracle of metamorphosis.

After all, what is a butterfly if not the flowering of caterpillar beyond its wildest dreams? Emerging from the womb of the chrysalis, the butterfly discards its restrictive silk and shell, to inherit a magical new world of flowers and sunshine. A world of freedom and delight - a celebration of its divine nature. Spreading her wings for the first time, she has no idea whether she can fly, she simply opens her wings in perfect confidence & is effortlessly conveyed into the spiral dance of graceful flight.

And all that then remains is the joyous participation in the divine ecstasy of creation.

As you turn your light inward & witness your true nature, you become an empty mirror & go beyond beliefs or doctrines. Dissolving the veils, the formless takes form. Going or coming, we are in the right place. As the veils are lifted, we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty.


  • This necklace was created and finished by hand entirely using traditional silversmithing techniques, and only one of its kind. 
  • Please treat your handmade jewelry with gentle care to ensure it lasts a lifetime.
  • Avoid salt water, chlorinated water and chemicals/perfumes to keep your silver in it’s true sparkle.
  • Silver jewellery pieces are easy to clean and get back to their original state if signs of wear do occur.
  • Please ensure your jewellery is stored in the box and pouch it came in when not in use.
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