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The Spiral Dance

The Spiral Dance


Handmade sterling silver choker featuring a fine silver pendant, freshwater pearls, natural gemstones and a natural turquoise. 

The spiral is an ancient symbol, with multiple meanings, that was used for millennia in every part of the world. 
It symbolizes the consciousness of nature starting from the center and expanding outwardly—the way of all things, according to mystics. It represents life, creation, birth and rebirth, evolution, and metaphorically represent the link between the human and the divine.
Focusing on observing a spiral leads the mind to explore itself, to turn to its inner self, and at the same time to imagine the vastness of creation: a spiral expands and directs the thought towards the infinitely large and infinitely small.
Its endless nature is the main reason for its importance in iconography, from prehistory onwards.
Depicted on medieval tombs, it represented the immortality of the soul. Even science has confirmed it: the universe moves in spirals; just look at any image of our galaxy in order to admire its spiral shape and its continuous expansion towards the infinite.
In nature, spirals are everywhere: from shells to the movement of electrons, from fingerprints to the shape of hurricanes, from the vortexes that we can see in a soap bubble to the whirl of a whirlpool and the flight of birds of prey.


  • Avoid salt water, chlorinated water and chemicals/perfumes to keep your silver in it’s true sparkle.
  • I recommend having breaks between wearing jewellery, as anything will show signs of wear after prolonged use. Generally, silver jewellery pieces are easy to clean and get back to their original state if signs of wear do occur.


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  • Care

    • Each piece of jewellery comes with an anti-tarnish tab, to protect your silver from tarnish and corrosion when not in use.
    • Please ensure your jewellery is stored in the box and pouch it came in when not in use.