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Botswana Eye Ring

Botswana Eye Ring


Handmade sterling silver ring featuring natural Botswana Agate.


The earliest traces of Botswana agate began to form over 187 million years ago in African volcanoes. Banded agate formed when lava waves slowly overflowed over millions of years onto lower agate stone, creating layers of quartz and silica. Under pressure, weight, and immense heat, Botswana agate veins formed in varying layers, creating unique color bands and pattern formations. 
Banded agates have been used as talismans and amulets since the rise of the ancient Greeks. Agate jewelry was discovered in the grave of the "Griffin Warrior," dated around 1500 BC!


  • This is a completely unique, one of its kind piece.
  • Size US 7.5
  • Avoid salt water, chlorinated water and chemicals/perfumes to keep your silver in it’s true sparkle.
  • I recommend having breaks between wearing jewellery, as anything will show signs of wear after prolonged use. Generally, silver jewellery pieces are easy to clean and get back to their original state if signs of wear do occur.
  • Care

    • Each piece of jewellery comes with an anti-tarnish tab, to protect your silver from tarnish and corrosion when not in use.
    • Please ensure your jewellery is stored in the box and pouch it came in when not in use.
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